The magic of designer light fittings.

If there is one decorative element that is capable of guaranteeing the warmth and style of a room all by itself, it is without doubt light fittings. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to photograph countless villas and apartments and I have often found that with such elegant and eye-catching light fittings, nothing else is really needed to decorate the surrounding area.

Villa La Zagaleta-13.jpg

Trapped like a moth to a flame, it is difficult not to raise your eyes and admire the wonderful job done and the good taste shown by the interior designer when choosing the piece that offers a home such character. It is impossible not to take a moment to search for the place from which to make the absolute most of a light fitting of these characteristics, demonstrating the huge impact it has on the rest of the décor.

5-Lamp Dining (2).jpg

Chandeliers, cutting-edge designer fittings and even some that are suspended from the roof and cut across several floors of a property... everything goes in the world of decoration if the interior designer is capable of making it fit seamlessly in the space being created. In fact, in many cases, light fittings are a starting point, based around which the space is created and to which other decorative elements are added, which must match the light fitting in order to form part of the design.

Ambience Design-2 (1).jpg


After all is said and done, all that's left for me to do is recommend you light up your home with one of these gems, which will fill your home with style.

Water means relax

In the real estate sector there are plenty of things that help to foster a sense of wellbeing in the mind of the viewer, but one stands out above all the rest: water. Looking at a swimming pool creates an association of ideas, and words like tranquillity, relaxation and peace immediately spring to mind.

Ambience Design-4 (1).jpg

Looking at the calmness of an element like water, which is fluid in nature, helps clear the mind in imitation of the still and crystal-clear water of a swimming pool.

Night Mix-8 (2).jpg

The colour blue plays another major role in this effect, as it is passive and restful and brings to mind the sea and sky - two elements that our minds classify as infinite and where we can lose ourselves.

Villa La Zagaleta-11 (2).jpg

Other factors, such as the swimming pool having nobody in it, round off the experience, as our minds tend to put ourselves in the tranquil and relaxing image that we are looking at. We imagine that we are in the place and we feel that tranquillity.

Villa de noche-4 (3).jpg

All of these reasons make swimming pools one of the most important elements in the world of real estate photography. There is no doubt that they are one of the elements that add most value to a property, and the one that sells most emotions.

The sun’s position and its importance in photography.

If lighting is an essential factor in all types of photography, it takes on an even greater importance in the real estate sector. In this case, we’re not talking about artificial lighting inside, but rather the natural light provided by the greatest light source available to a professional photographer: the sun.


We have already commented on the importance of choosing the right time of day to photograph a house. You must choose the amount of light and its temperature and colour, depending on the desired composition and the feelings that you want to express with your image. We have a range of technological tools for this purpose, which are our best friends when it comes to choosing the correct time of day.


Sun Locator Pro is an app that helps you to predict the sun’s movements and position during the day. You can use it to calculate where the sun will be at a certain time, allowing you to set up your photography scene and set for that specific moment. It includes augmented reality technology, which lets you use your mobile device to see the precise position of the sun at the desired time. It also includes a map that displays information about shadows projected onto the ground in question.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-17 a las 12.03.09.png

Another example of an app is Exsate Golden Hour, which also helps you find out the light’s “blue” or “golden” hours for taking a photograph. This app does not require an Internet connection to work. It is particularly useful for selecting the desired conditions, as the app calculates the perfect moment for taking the photograph.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-17 a las 12.02.51.png

I recommend trying these apps, or doing some research to find another one that meets your needs. I look forward to hearing about it!

Event 2017

Throughout my career as a professional photographer I have had the pleasure of working with the best architects, building companies and real estate sector professionals. With clients of this calibre, there is a great responsibility to match their work with photography at the same level.

Fotos CS 2017-80.jpg

Thanks to feedback from my customers, I feel that I have lived up to this responsibility in all of my work and, as a result, I have forged a relationship of synergies with my clients that goes beyond strictly work matters. For some time I have been wanting to return the affection shown to me with an event to showcase the value of the work of both parties. This year, at last I decided to do so.

Fotos CS 2017-76.jpg

More than 150 clients and friends came together at Puente Romano for an event that, despite focusing on my work as a photographer, also paid homage to the incredible work of architects, building companies and real estate developers who, beyond simply meeting their clients’ needs, make a maximum effort to achieve excellence in each project.

Fotos CS 2017-78.jpg

This is why we invited Juanjo Valderrama (Brain Dinamics), who gave a brief talk about how art hides behind small subtleties and apparently irrelevant technical decisions. Following this, the guests enjoyed a small exhibition in the form of a sensory experience, where my clients’ work was showcased through the humble lens of my camera, before rounding off the evening with cocktails and live music under the stars.

Fotos CS 2017-86.jpg

From the bottom of my heart, I hope that this was a satisfactory experience for all those present, and I look forward to seeing you again next time. For me, of course, it was a true pleasure to enjoy your company. Let’s do it again!

Creating a mental picture

If I had to give some advice to somebody starting out in the world of photography, it would certainly be this: Create an image in your head of the photograph that you want to take, and then search for it with your camera.

Barronal 57 Salon-1 (1).jpg

Each portrayed object or place has a perspective, an angle, lighting, proportions and a precise moment when it should be photographed. A photographer’s task is to rule out all of the incorrect elements in each of the fields mentioned above, just like a sculptor chips away at stone until the sculpture hidden inside finally reveals itself.

5-Carlos Lamas 272.jpg

This process starts with the photographer visualising the photograph in their mind. Once the image is inside your head, you need to seek it out with the camera. This is not a rigid process and it's not about getting it right with the first shot. It’s more like a game in which you gradually get closer to the result you have in mind. Maybe you start by moving through space while taking shots until you capture something that captivates you; maybe a certain angle or composition of elements has caught your attention. You gradually get closer to the image that you can’t get out of your mind, playing around until the camera finally aligns all of the elements that you were shuffling around in your head, from that unique spot that you found by groping towards it.

Copy of Bonsais-1.jpg

You’ll know that you’ve got the right image if you smile when you see it on your camera’s display ;)