What is the dynamic range in photography?

The dynamic range in photography may refer to two concepts: firstly, the range of tones in the scene to be portrayed; and secondly, the capacity of the sensor to capture these tones. Today we'll be focussing on the first.

What is the dynamic range? The dynamic range is the number of different tones in a scene. If the brightness of the lightest and darkness areas differs greatly, the dynamic range is considered high.

Importance of the dynamic range in the real-estate sector.

For luxuryreal-estate agents, taking appealing photos of their properties is vital, which is why capturing the entire dynamic range of a scene.when photographing properties. The Costa del Sol has a very special light, making its landscapes particularly stunning; however, capturing this light with your camera is no mean feat. Sometimes, the skies above Marbella are too light compared to the building being photographed and we're left with a scenario in which either clouds are very bright or the property is very dark. This exposure difference can be offset using a neutral density filter. When taking photographs, it is important to bear in mind that, generally speaking, it is best to avoid midday, when the sun is at its brightest, preferably opting for evenings.