Shooting Luxury

When shooting luxury, there are many things to consider. It is not the same to take a photo than to showcase luxury. A photographer's eye is important, but experience is even more important than the eye. You have to take into consideration many factors like client target, nationality, what we really want to achieve with the photo.

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It is not the same shooting commercial luxury, than shooting Luxury Real Estate. That is when searching for an experienced company, like Charly Simon Photo, comes in very handy. Not only we will take care of your photography needs, but we will also assist you in how to best show whatever it is that you would like to sell, rent, etc. Call us for a personalized quote, and we will make your property shine at its best!

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Hidden art

When I’m working on a photo shoot inside a villa, I often get the feeling that I’m engaging in a type of gymkhana, following in the footsteps of the architects and interior designers who worked on the project. I frequently imagine them drawing the diagrams and creating interior designs, marking points of interest as if they were a tourist map of a city.

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I imagine them thinking “Here we’ll put a huge skylight in the ceiling, right there, to create a window to the sky elegantly framed with a geometrical pattern”, or saying “we’ll repeat the entrance arch in the hallway to create an impression of depth that will end in a beautiful window”; or maybe they think “we’ll make the ceiling so high and so golden that it’ll be impossible not to lift the gaze to look at it..."



It's a wonderful feeling to find these points, as you realise that you understand the architect's idea. You know that you’ve found a place put there for no other purpose than to be discovered. It's right then that you know that the photograph is a good one, when you feel that you’re looking through the eyes of the architect.

Techo Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace-1 (2).jpg

I invite you to take a stroll through your villa to seek out points like these. Maybe you’ll discover something that you haven’t seen before and fall in love with your home just a little bit more ;)


Project monitoring

It's a well-known fact that the house building process can take a long time, and normally involves more than a year of work. This process can be split up into three major phases: Structure, walls and roof, and finishings.

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It is very important to keep clients informed of progress with the project during this period, to make sure that they feel relaxed at all times and to enhance trust in the construction company. This is where a good estate agent leaps into action to make sure that a constant stream of information is sent to the client, which must include photographs of the project’s status. This allows customers to check the project’s progress with their own eyes, and to see that the agreed deadlines are being met.

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The project monitoring service plays a dual role; it enhances the estate agent’s transparency by keeping the client in the loop, while providing visual information to the entire construction team. This means that the entire team is kept up to date with the project status while at the same time giving us accurate information to send to our customers.

Tambien ofrecemos seguimiento de obras-4.jpg


An indirect advantage is that the photographed site has to be clean and tidy, so we also make sure that the project is kept in order ;)

First impression: Front photo

They say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression and I couldn't agree more. This phrase can also be applied to the real-estate industry, as the first time a customer sees a property, it is in the form of a photograph. Furthermore, one photo plays a particularly important role in any high-quality photographic report: the front photo of the villa in question.

Zagaleta Mix-8 (2).jpg

This photo is a declaration of intent in itself: showing the majesty, style and space that the villa on sale boasts in a single image. With this first image, we have a powerful sales tool. A front-facing photograph places a potential customer in front of their future home, getting their imagination racing and making them imagine actually being there. In just one image, we create the promise of a bright future awaiting us within the walls of the villa on show.

ARK Sotogrande-4 (1).jpg

Technically, the photo appears simple at first glance, but every last detail counts when it comes to taking the perfect photo: the subject, natural light, symmetry, reflections... you have to take your time to observe and find the right time and place to point your camera and shoot.

Villa SB-1.jpg

The result, without a doubt, is worth the effort.


Man´s Cave

We all dream about having a space at home just for us, decorated just how we like it and that satisfies all our needs. What for many is just a fantasy, for others is a reality, known as a Man Cave. Man Caves are recreational and entertainment spaces, designed in a masculine style, where men can enjoy our favourite activities.

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A Man Cave is decorated in line with the owner's taste and his needs, although they commonly feature comfortable armchairs or a large sofa, a big screen, a potent sound system, pool table, gaming machines and, as goes without saying, a bar! Most Man Caves are distributed in the same way, creating large spaces where you can move around comfortably, designed to host guests and spend time with your friends without compromising on any of the essentials.

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Decorative objects and other elements tend to be scarce in these spaces, with sparsity ruling the roost to maximise space; however, there are some collectors who line the walls with shelves and furniture to house their collections.

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No matter what your taste, we recommend you create your own Man Cave!

Here are some of the best TV providers:

Abu Dhabi..

Abu Dhabi is the richest of the 7 United Arab Emirates, a fact that is evident as soon as you touch down. Although it is currently engaged in large-scale construction process, Abu Dhabi aspires to becoming the country's most majestic city, even grander than its neighbour Dubai.

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Abu Dhabi is one of the safest cities on Earth. There are no neighbourhoods that are off limits, no district in which you have to pay special attention to your belongings to ward off pickpockets. The high living standard of its 900,000 residents contributes in large part to this state of affairs.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-24 a las 16.36.13.png

Luxury is palpable down to the very last details in the city and perhaps the best example of this are the hotels that dot the city. Most have a penchant for gold which borders on an obsession, adorning every last architectural and decorative details of each and every hotel. There are no holds barred when it comes to leaving visitors to the city awestruck, from the immense lobbies to the staircases that lead to the different floors.

The city's beaches are worth particular mention, they serve as one of the most heavenly settings that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in all my trips around the world. I will return to this paradise as soon as I have the opportunity and recommend that you visit the city if you're planning to travel in the near future.